You Want Sharks blood : you got it !

You Want Sharks blood : you got it ! from PapaOurs Delagrottedechartreuse on Vimeo.

Oh yeahhh... you guys who wanted sharks blood, just go f**ck yourselves.
Sharks killing = Breaking the food chain = Less plancton in the oceans = Less oxygen for our planet
Simple enough?
I used to work as a dive instructor on liveaboards in the southern red sea. We dived with sharks WITHOUT any trouble as 100's of divers are doing every day around the world. Sharks are usually rather shy animals. This shark's underwater footage I filmed in a single dive. I stayed around 40 minutes with this shark from the "longimanus " specy. The shark wasn't agressive at all.
This was a marveleous underwater moment...one of those that make us alive and why we dive.
I wish my 6 years old soon will be able to live the same incredible moment in his life.
So please work for the future.
Please help Seasheperd.org
In memory of Rob Stewart (r.i.p) and his work.
Sharks slaughter pics. taken from his movie Shark Water
Thanks to Psygnosis for their beautiful music.

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